Behind the Scenes of the  Prada Candy Florale AD

Rise and shine, sleeping beauty!
↳ Disney Princesses + waking up

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Reflecting dimensions of compulsory heterosexuality […], the Heterosexual Script entitles boys/men to prioritise their own sexual desire, to act on their sexual needs, to perceive their hormones to be ‘out of control,’ and to promise power and status to women in return for sex. Shoring up this ‘cultural story’ about boys’/men’s sexuality is the notion that girls/women must manage boys’/men’s sexual needs in order to gain some share of their privilege. Thus, the Heterosexual Script compels girls/women to deny or devalue their own sexual desire, to seek to please boys/men, to ‘wish and wait’ to be chosen, and to trade their own sexuality as a commodity.
From Sex to Sexuality: Exposing the Heterosexual Script on Primetime Network Television, Janna L. Kim


i started following meg prescott on instagram and she can be really annoying :/ eg:

Class less ladies + #alcohol + #cheapheels = #TIMBER and my ladies pulling these faces at you. #keepitclassyladies #dontdrink#teamnoalcohol #takecareofyourbodies !!

Whilst ‘classless’ doesn’t directly translate to ‘slutty’, it can’t be ignored that in our culture/society, ‘classy’ is often used with the implication of it meaning ‘not slutty’ (amongst other things.) People very often use this standard of ‘class’ as a way to reprimand women who they deem to be wearing too little (which, though it makes no sense, is perceived in our society to be an indicator of promiscuity.) The photo of her friends looking at them judgementally shows without doubt that her and her friends are judging/looking down on these girls because they believe them to be ‘classless’ and because they are drinking, which goes against her healthy lifestyle. I understand that she thinks these girls would be better off if they subscribed to her ideals of health and appearance, but a) believing that all women should subscribe to your idea of what’s best for them is v limiting/oppressive, and b) she is is not professing these views in a kind/helpful manner but in a judgmental and superior one which, whether she intended it or not, is shaming these girls on the basis of their ‘classless’ appearance and drinking habits. Whilst Meg might not have directly meant to slut shame or body shame, shaming those two things feed into slut shaming and body shaming (because her issue with it is a health one), respectively.

I’m not meaning to slag Meg off, or say that she is a bad person - I of course don’t know her personally, and in many ways she seems lovely. But this was definitely a very problematic thing for her to have said.

Delayed trains at Kings Cross are never anything but an opportunity to spend more time staring in awe at everything in the Harry Potter shop #hp


the worst part about depression that’s on again off again is that you can never tell if you’re making progress and actually feeling better or if you just had a couple of good days and the second something goes wrong you’ll be right back where you started

Léa Seydoux by Bruno Dayan


tell a grown ass man “no” n watch him revert to age 5 behavior